Celebrate the holidays with healthy foods.November begins a two-month long season of celebration. We celebrate with family meals, office parties and church potlucks to name a few. It is only fitting that November also is National Diabetes Month. As a diabetic, you face difficult decisions and temptations that lead to unhealthy food choices. Are you often so overwhelmed that you simply skip an event or dinner for fear of making unhealthy choices that might jeopardize your diabetes goals and health?

I would like to offer you help in the form of education. It is true that knowledge is power and power is needed to manage diabetes to the point that it does not manage your life. I can offer help in the form of healthy eating tips, meal planning, diabetic-friendly recipes and help in making good choices when you eat out. These are just a few topics I can help you with so you can stay on track with your diabetes goals, be prepared for what the holidays bring and help you maintain a healthy lifestyle that makes you feel good, reduces your risks for complications and prepares you so you don’t miss out on one minute of celebration this 2016 holiday season.

Tammy Goff, RPh
Diabetes Educator

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