follow url Children in PCM Schools.

From Beaver Dam to Mbarara

follow url At the end of March a team will be traveling from Beaver Dam, Kentucky to Mbarara, Uganda and are currently gathering donation items to take with them. In total it's an 18 hour flight not including a short layover in Amsterdam. The purpose of the trip is to spread love and care for orphans in Uganda. The team is partnering with Parental Care Ministries also known as PCM.

misoprostol online pharmacy At PCM there are 5 schools with 2,000 students. There is also a medical clinic that has provided care to 6,000 people, 85 pastors and churches that are supported, and 5,000,000 people are positively impacted by their radio station on a regular basis. In addition, chicken houses provide much needed protein for the children and several farms help with a sustainable food supply.

Choir Visit to Beaver Dam

In September of 2017, the choir from PCM came to Beaver Dam, KY and visited schools and churches. After that visit, the team in Beaver Dam formed with the intent to visit and encourage them in their homeland of Uganda. Many people in Beaver Dam were positively affected and are excited to be making the trip to Uganda to see these friends. 

PCM Choir performing for Beaver Dam Elementary students.

Brian Miller, Operations Manager at Rice's, said, "Their love for Christ and thirst for His word was very infectious. When they left our area, I wanted more. They inspired me and encouraged me."

Jerriann Young, Weekday Preschool Director at Beaver Dam Baptist said, "I really look forward to meeting our sponsor child, seeing all the choir group that I met and making new friends."

Luke Barton of Beaver Dam Elementary said, "I want to see the two boys from the choir we hosted. They had very little at home, but had so much joy; a joy about everything and were thankful for everything."

Life is so different for students in Uganda. Some children can walk up to 5 miles each way every day to get their education. School supplies are always needed in Uganda. During a recent trip to Uganda, an American team member took a photo of this fourth grader's pencil collection that she uses for school. When the team goes to Uganda at the end of this month, they will be delivering school supplies.  

PCM student's pencil collection in Uganda.

Donation Items

Please drop off any of these donation items at Rice's through March 25:

  • Spiral Notebooks
  • Composition Notebooks
  • Black or Blue Pens
  • Pencils

Students in uniform at PCM Schools.

The children of Uganda may lack things in material terms, but they have a contagious joy that can be life-changing to witness firsthand. For many who have met some of these friends from Uganda, the impact has been powerful and a huge blessing. Please join this team as they bless the Ugandans with school supplies listed above that aren't readily available or affordable in their country. Thank you in advance for your willingness to help this team spread love and deliver much needed items to these children and youth in Uganda.

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