Provider Services

Provider Services

Rice's puts great value in collaborating with providers in order to give patients better care. Did you know that high-risk patients with multiple disease states see an average of 13 different providers on a regular basis? Multiple providers prescribe multiple medications, which can lead to overmedication, confusion, and harmful interactions. Another fact: patients see a physician just 3 times a years as compared to a pharmacist that sees the same patient 35 times a year. Therefore, by a physician alone, patient care is limited by few, though extremely valuable, touchpoints. As a pharmacy, our added connection allows us to drive home points that the healthcare provider directs in the medical office. Rice's is here to come alongside the healthcare provider to help provide collaborative care that results in better health outcomes for the patient. 



Together Providing the Best Care

Pharmacists and providers can identify high-risk patients and any who would benefit from enhanced services at Rice's. The physician can direct Rice's (pharmacists, techs, educators) on the best approach for patient care. It's a team effort to create better care - better health.
The patient enrolls in Patient Care Services at Rice's and the Patient Care Coordinator will begin a relationship with the patient to improve medication adherence and overall health. Rice's offers many clinical services to better help with health goals. The Patient Care Coordinator is the primary point person between the health care provider and patient.
Rice's Patient Care Coordinator will update the physician with monthly progress reports and monthly meetings as desired and keep the physician notified of patient adherence issues and goals achieved.

The result is a more compliant patient.

A more compliant patient means less hospital readmissions and better overall health. And as an added bonus, the healthcare provider has a better health score.

Services Offered

Rice's Patient Care Coordinator can help manage these services in coordination with the physician's recommendation.

Simplify My Meds®

With Simplify My Meds® offered at Rice's, all ongoing medications can be synced for refills on the same day each month. Therefore, your patient will never run out of meds, which automatically helps with better medication compliance. 


With Meducation offered at Rices, your patient will have easy to read summaries of all medications no matter how many physicians they see. Accountable care requires effective communication. Meducation can improve medication adherence and lower hospital readmissions and medication errors.


Medication Therapy Management (MTMs) means that one of our pharmacists will be dedicated to your patient for adherence calls and one-on-one meetings to ensure that the patient is adhering to the medication regimen that you have prescribed. 

Diabetic Education

With our trained diabetic educator, your patient will have access to one-on-one support anytime it's needed. They will learn better management of nutrition, blood sugar monitoring, and diabetic shoe selection.  


As the physician, you can customize your prescription and our compounding technician can make it according to your orders. That way, the medication is easier to injest or absorb based on his/her unique needs. 

Chronic Care

Chronic Care is for patients with chronic or more serious diseases. Some know this as Specialty Pharmacy. It's the drugs that are used to treat diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and some cancers. Rice's has easy access to these types of drugs and can help in the oversight and administration of these medications.    


Rice's has trained professionals to administer immunizations (vaccinations). The flu (Influenza) vaccine is available on a seasonal basis for adolescents to senior adults. The shingles (Herpes Zoster) vaccine is also available year round and best for people ages 50 and older. Patients can call for an appointment or walk-in when it's convenient for them.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Rice's can monitor your patient's blood pressure in our store by cuff, which can be a solution if home monitoring is difficult for them. Rice's understands that blood pressure monitoring in our store is a compliment, not a substitute, for regular monitoring and visits to the physician. 


TAKE CHARGE® offered at Rice's is a weight loss support system that provides patients with obesity screening, education and counseling. A pharmacist will teach patients how to live a healthier life through proper nutrition and fitness over the course of 13 weeks. The pharmacist will meet with the patient weekly and serve as educator, motivator, monitor and guide, leading them through trial and error, as they learn and implement healthy lifestyle strategies.