Simplify My Meds®

Simplify My Meds®: A Medication Synchronization Program at Rice's Pharmacy

Managing medicine just got a lot easier with Simplify My Meds®. If you are managing regular refills, Simplify My Meds® is a free medication synchronization (med sync) service offered at Rice's Pharmacy that can help you out. We'll coordinate your ongoing prescription refills for pickup on the same day each month.

More than 80% of patients occasionally miss a dose of important medication, which can result in health issues and even hospitalization. With Simplify My Meds® you will no longer miss doses of your regular medicine because you failed to get the refill.

Simplify My Meds®:

  • No need to call in multiple on-going prescriptions.
  • Save time by taking fewer trips to the pharmacy to get refills.
  • Be supported by a health coach that meets with you or calls you monthly to review issues with your medication. Any issues will be communicated to your physician.

And the best part, no more missed doses, which results in a healthier youSign-up for the free service below.